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IT360 - Professional to IT360 - EE - > Migration Steps


Steps for Migration from IT360 - Professional to IT360 - EE:

  • Upgrade the version of professional, which is same as the EE version. To upgrade, use the below link;

  • Stop the IT360 Professional service.
  • Backup the servicedesk data, by running the script 'backUpData.bat', which is present under '<IT360-home>\servicedesk\bin' directory.

    • e.g. '<IT360-home>\servicedesk\bin>backUpData.bat'
  • The backup file will be stored under '<IT360-HOME>\servicedesk\backup' directory.
  • Now, navigate to '<it360-HOME>\bin' directory, using command prompt.

  • Execute the 'startDB.bat' arugument, with mysql port number.
    • e.g. 'cmd>startDB.bat 32266'

  • Run the script 'ChangeServerTypeConfig.bat', with given argument, which is present under '<IT360-HOME>/bin'.
    • e.g. 'cmd>ChangeServerTypeConfig.bat <product- home> <Edition> <server-type>  <Central-Hostname> <Central-SSlPort>'
      • <product- home> = <IT360Home>
      • <Edition>=ENTERPRISE
      • <server-type>=MAS
      • <Central-Hostname>=IT360 Central server hostname
      • <Central-SSlPort> =IT360 Central server SSL Port

  • Run the 'stopDB.bat', with two arguments (username, mysql port no)
    • e.g  <IT360-HOME>/bin>stopDB.bat  32266 root

  • Now, the Professional IT360 would have changed as a Probe.
  • Install the Central server.
  • Start the Central server.
  • Stop the Central server.
  • Restore the Professional Servicedesk data into the Central server servicedesk, by using the the script 'restoreData.bat', which is present under '<home>\ servicedesk\bin'
    • e.g. <IT360-HOME>\servicedesk\bin> restoreData.bat 

  • Start the Central and Probe servers.
  • If the Professional IT360 has any additional user, apart from default users for SDP, create the user with same role in IT360-Central.
  • If any active directory has been imported in Professional, import the active directory in the IT360 Central.
  • Check the communication between the Central and the Probe.

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